People & their Pets love Sharon!

“I recently adopted Cheyanne, a blind cattle dog (Queensland heeler) and she was having trouble with separation anxiety. I also wanted to make sure that she was happy in her new home. I called Sharon for a Reiki treatment for her. I have known Sharon for many years and have always known her as a spiritual, loving and caring woman. She was amazing with my dog, Cheyanne. We all felt the positive energy coming from Cheyanne and Sharon confirmed that she felt that my home was her home now and that we needed each other. Sharon’s session with Cheyanne and myself was a wonderful experience and she has such a glorious gift working with animals. My dog is doing so much better and we are living in harmony!” — Becky

“I highly recommend Sharon! As someone who didn’t have much experience with Reiki, I was intrigued by the potential of what Reiki could do, and invited Sharon over to my place to work on my dog Calvin. Calvin, yellow labrador Calvin is a lab who has experienced various health issues including valley fever, a thyroid disorder, and also surviving a rattlesnake bite. Because of all these health problems, Calvin is very timid, scared and anxious around new people. Usually he barks a lot at newcomers and stays far away. I knew that something was different about Sharon because he immediately seemed at ease with her. He also calmed down a lot as she did Reiki on him. He relaxed, and appeared more confident and peaceful. I believe that the healing energy of Reiki helped him to feel peaceful enough so that his body could heal. In addition, Reiki is so important for our pets because they aren’t able to tell us what they need. Reiki has really helped Calvin, and he is a much happier dog because of it. Thank you, Sharon! You rock, lady!” — Sylvia R.

“Even though I have only had two sessions for my dog Hilda, an older traumatized heeler/shepherd mix I am fostering, I am so impressed with Sharon’s gift! As I was having serious trouble with Hilda’s protective nature, barking and increased anxiety, I didn’t know where to turn. Training methods provided by the rescue group hadn’t worked. Even though Hilda still suffers from valley fever as well as a crippled leg from the illness, I needed something to address her ‘state of mind.’ After meeting Sharon at the annual Animal Fair, I jumped in feet first. When Sharon came over for the initial session, I watched Hilda transforming (tentatively at first) before my eyes. The second session was even more dramatic in that I saw a definite shift in Hilda’s level of anxiety and focus. Sharon’s talent cannot be described easily in words, but her compassion and faith in the goodness of all animals is a miracle to behold. I can’t wait for another session with her!” — Ellen

“I received a few treatments of Reiki while recovering from a broken leg. I was pleasantly surprised by how gentle and soothing the sessions were, and I benefited from the relaxation that came afterward. I also had a session done on my dog. She seemed to enjoy the hands-on, a lot. I recommend Reiki as one form of a healing method.” — Waynette

“As a believer in healing energy, I thought it would be best to find an all–natural solution for my horrendous morning sickness during my third pregnancy. I was at the point of getting IV’s on a regular basis to help the dehydration. I asked Sharon to provide some form of relief, which was precisely what was given. After her warm hands, guided by healing energy, followed the curves of my body, I felt like a superstar again. I did not get sick for two weeks and the boost ignited my desire to push myself through the rest of my pregnancy. Thank you Sharon! During difficult moments it is people like you that make life special. Your love and kindness during this time will be etched into my heart forever.” — Stacey

Sharon Cohen is a Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) volunteer and Reiki Master who specializes in Animal Reiki. Contact her at today!

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